Even the Sky would Age had it Known Love (flute solo)

Even the Sky would Age had it Known Love 天若有情天亦老  3′


This non-stop 3-movement piece is inspired by the love Chinese proverb and it’s composed based on my emotions on these 3 Chinese proverbs I read last week before this was composed. It derives from a poem by a Tang dynasty poet, Li He. The proverb means the sky is always the same, the rises in the morning and sets in the evening, and it will never age. Had the sky known love, it would also age like human being.

First movement: The Beginning of  Love Seed 情窦初开

– Describes a teenage girl starting to understand love and learn how to love someone

Second movement: A Girl who is out of Soul 倩女离魂

– A young lady that dies for her lover

Third movement: Parting; Dying 生离死别

– A couple that is forced to be separated

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