…the spread of an ink… (2021) for mezzo-soprano, flute/piccolo, oboe, piano and double bass

“…the spread of an ink drop…” is inspired by a Tang dynasty poet Meng Haoran’s poem The Song of Returning to Lumen Mountain at Night. The poem describes the scene where people, upon the tolling of a temple bell signaling the end of a working day, rush back to home and Meng himself returns to Lumen Mountain, a remote area accompanied only by trees, mist and moonlight.

The music should resemble the flowing of the ink in shan-shui (mountain-water) paintings.

*A commission by Newphonia

Premiere by Newphonia, a Bowling Green-based new music ensemble, on March 24, 2022 at the BGSU Praecepta New Music Mini-Fest organized by at the BGSU Bryan Recital Hall. Katherine Pracht Phares, mezzo-soprano; Claudia Aizaga, flute/piccolo; David Munro, oboe; Sandy Coursey, piano; Adam Har-zvi, double bass

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